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Lift Chairs

At Puritan Medical in Glendora, CA

Lift chairs have many uses and benefits packed within a small investment, to cover the basics on lift chairs as far as what they are and how they function. A lift chair is similar to a reclining chair that you would find in any living room, but it comes with useful features. Most lift chairs can be used in an upright position and transition to a reclining position with just the push of a button. These chairs utilize a lift system that tilts the base and back of the chair forward to guide the user back into the standing position. Your lift chair comes complete with a remote so you don’t have to mess with any levers or switches.

While lift chairs certainly benefit users with balance or mobility issues who struggle to transition from a sitting position to standing, anyone can enjoy these chairs. You can find lift chairs with optional features like heat and massage to enjoy a completely luxurious experience. Stop by our store in Glendora, CA today to check out our selection of lift chairs.

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